Carefully Blended Chaos

This is my favorite Christmas card of all time. We worked with a friend (and all of our kids and pets) for the photography, then blended Greg’s copy with my sketches and design to create[…]

Ten Questions

This book was an exciting and interesting chance to work with Creative Memories Co-founder Rhonda Anderson on a project about which she was very passionate. I brought in a wonderful temp designer to work on[…]

Josie Sias Photography

My daughter is a wonderful photographer. She has ambition, talent and a clean, simple aesthetic. It was exciting to be able to help her create an identity to match her budding new business. Josie Sias[…]

The Best Cheesecakes!

Christine’s Sweet Confections. You’ve never had cheesecake like this. My sister-in-law has a gift for making cakes that are delicate, delicious and just plain fun. I had a great time working with her to help[…]