Ahni & Zoe: Rebranding a company

Working on the transition from Creative Memories to Ahni & Zoe was a fascinating challenge. What do you do when your strong, much-loved brand is part of your problem? Is it possible to strip everything[…]

Fitness Garage

A friend of mine is a personal trainer who had a logo and a business model, but no budget and no idea how to do the heavy lifting when it comes to building a brand.[…]

Creative Memories Rebrand

This project was easily one of the most rewarding results of my career. As the lead internal Art Director, I guided the process. I helped shape the vision. And, perhaps most importantly, I navigated the[…]

Product Catalogs

Every six months Creative Memories releases a catalog showing off the full product line, demonstrating the things you can do with it, and painting an aspirational picture of the rewarding experiences you could have helping[…]

Mini Catalogs

Each two-month Creative Memories product-launch campaign kicks off with the release of a mini catalog. As Creative Director, my roles have included full project management. I determine the pagination and how each product will be[…]

Photo Solutions Catalog

We live in a world where everyone has photos. But not everyone has an interest in “scrapbooking”. So Creative Memories works to offer simpler “photo solutions” to that broader market. For a time, that involved[…]

Here’s to Fabulous You

This is Nancy O’Dell’s third book with Creative Memories, “Here’s to Fabulous You”. I got the chance to work on all three, but this one was an especially rewarding adventure in creative direction. The book[…]

Fast to Fabulous

Finding ways to take the time and effort out of “scrapbooking” has been an ongoing quest for Creative Memories. With the release of the amazing Fast to Fabulous Albums, we needed to demonstrate just how[…]

Vintage Chic

As the Creative Director at Creative Memories, I’ve had the chance to get my fingerprints on projects from concept through completion. The Vintage Chic Power Palette is a great example. We wanted a collection with[…]

Shape Maker, Product Launch

Innovative new tools have been a strong product line for Creative Memories for years. In the case of the new Shape Maker though, we needed a way to demonstrate not just what it made, but[…]